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  • Death from overwork is a recognised problem in Japan – some put the number of deaths as high as 10,000 (Credit: Getty Images)
Can You Work Yourself to Death?
2016-09-16 04:04  Hoholinks News
The Japanese have a knack for inventing words – and there are some that every self-respecting office worker should have in their vocabulary. There’s arigata-meiwaku: when someone does you a favour that you didn’t ask them to – which actually caused you massive inconvenience – but you’re socially obliged to thank them anyway. Or how about majime: an earnest, dependable colleague who can get things done without causing any drama.

But there’s one uniquely Japanese term you don’t want to relate to: karoshi, which translates as “death by overwork”.

Reports of the nation’s corporate breadwinners, known as “salarymen”, dropping dead from overwork have been making

Well, no. The social phenomenon was first recognised in 1987, when the health ministry began logging cases after the sudden deaths of a string of high-flying executives.

So widespread is the issue, that in Japan, if a death is judged karoshi, the victim’s family receives compensation from the government of around $20,000 per year and company payouts of up to $1.6 million.

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2016-09-16 04:04  Hoholinks News
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