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  • La Place des Cordeliers in Dijon. Credit Alex Cretey-Systermans for The New York Times
36 Hours in Burgundy, France
2016-09-16 03:41  Hoholinks News
Satisfaction for nearly every appetite awaits in Burgundy. Food? The venerable aristocratic city of Dijon and the nearby medieval town of Beaune both reap the region’s bounty, which features numerous icons of French gastronomy. Under their spires and towers, you can start with asparagus and escargots, follow with Charolais beef — best sampled in a classic boeuf Bourguignon — dab on some Dijon mustard and wrap up with a cheese course of Brillat-Savarin and Époisses. Drink? Kick off with a Kir — a mix of local white wine and black currant liqueur named for a former Dijon mayor — and follow with wines from Burgundy’s legendary vineyards, which won Unesco World Heritage status last year. Art? Stroll the halls of contemporary galleries and venerable fine-arts institutions. Acquisition? Dijon’s covered produce market, antiques boutiques and contemporary design showrooms should sate the shopping urge. Whatever your pleasure, all you have to do is show up hungry.



You can scarcely kick a grape down Beaune’s cobbled streets without hitting a wine merchant, vineyard office, tasting cellar (notably that of the venerable Patriarche winemaker), retail emporium or wine bar — to say nothing of the Musée du Vin wine museum. In a former medieval church, Beaune’s Marché aux Vins (wine market) is a key stop for oenophiles eager to worship local history and vintages, thanks to tasting tours. The guides will explain why you should bring coffee to a tasting, which Burgundy wine is the most prized in the world and other facts — mainly pertaining to Burgundy’s many subregions, microclimates, grape-growing techniques and wine styles — as you swirl, sniff and sip from four to 11 local wines, depending on your type of tour. Tours are held daily at 10:30 a.m., 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. and cost 9 to 27 euros (about $13 to $30).

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New York Times
2016-09-16 03:41  Hoholinks News
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